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Hire top candidates and gain talent competitiveness with the world's leading skills matching technology and labor market intelligence

What is Skill Matching?

SkyHive extracts technical skills, soft skills, tools, technologies, and methodologies from your job openings and finds you top candidates who match the skills required instantly

Why SkyHive?

Compress Time-to-Hire by 30%

SkyHive helps you hire faster and easier by matching jobs and applicants based on skills. It aggregates job applications from your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) as well as SkyHive's talent pool, then matches each candidate's skill set to the skills required by job openings in real-time, allowing you to reach applicants with the highest skills match instantly.

SkyHive also provides you with real-time labor market data and skills trends so you can incorporate emerging skills and requirements observed in the labor market to ensure talent competitiveness and meet future needs.

SkyHive translates your hiring needs into skills and delivers accurate matches in real-time

Ensure talent competitiveness with real-time labor market data and skills trends


Easily filter through everyone shortlisted for a specific job

Quickly scan candidate profiles for job openings

Get a full overview of a candidate's skills, work experience, and education that are automatically extracted when a profile is created

Expand Your Candidate

SkyHive scans participating job boards and automates passive candidate sourcing, bringing forward strong candidates through both contextual and keyword matching. It allows you to quickly fill critical positions while drastically expanding your candidate pool.

Additionally, SkyHive processes labor market data using a skills-based approach instead of the traditional job-based method. When skills data is used to assess and recruit talent, it allows you to find qualified candidates outside of your talent funnel and unlocks alternative sources for talent supply.

Find highly-qualified passive candidates for hard-to-fill roles

Expand candidate pipeline and unlock alternative sources of talent supply


Shortlist suggested matches to create a candidate list

Leverage job matches lists to find your next candidate

Use the detailed skills match breakdown to find the right candidate for the job

Real-time Labor Market Information

SkyHive scans and analyzes both the supply and the demand side of the labor market, producing robust analytics on emerging skills and requirements, workforce availability, skills transferability, occupational correlation, and more. It provides a side-by-side comparison to your existing workforce and allows for accurate forecasting of future requirements.

By providing unprecedented visibility and granularity into industry baselines, you can uncover competitive strengths and proactively address gaps through targeted talent acquisition and reskilling.

Accurately forecast future skills to meet changing demands

Benchmark against industry standards to address skills gaps


See detailed skill supply and demand sorted by specific areas

See detailed skill supply and demand sorted by specific areas

Get insights using SkyHive's data on skill supply and demand changes over time

Benefit from supply demographics data to boost industry competitiveness

Robust labor market analytics allow for precise industry insights

Drive Diversity & Inclusion

By matching individuals to jobs based on skills, SkyHive eliminates both systemic and unconscious biases that often occur in traditional recruitment processes. SkyHive also offers a gender-biased language detection feature to help you reduce biased language in job descriptions. 56% of shortlisted candidates on SkyHive are women.

As a partner of the Department of National Defence (DND), SkyHive is successfully helping the Canadian Military increase the acquisition and retention of women into the Canadian Armed Forces.

Promote diversity & inclusion with skills-based recruitment and resource allocation

Eliminate gender-biased language in job postings


Use Candidates view to quickly look through all the potential candidates

Eliminates race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and any other non-skill biases