SkyHive Skill Passport

Find the best jobs and training opportunities tailored to your skills with AI-powered skills matching

What is Skill Matching?

SkyHive uses proprietary machine learning methods to extract technical skills, soft skills, tools, and technologies from your work experience, education history, credentials, and hobbies, then helps you find job opportunities that match your skill set instantly.

How Does Skill Passport Work?

Generate an Evergreen Skill Passport

Identify the skills you possess and build your personal Skill Passport by uploading your resume or creating it manually in an average of 6 minutes.

A list of technical skills, soft skills, and tools are extracted from your work history, education, and life experiences. SkyHive will also suggest relevant skills based on real-time labor market skills data.

Extract skills from your previous experience

Get suggestions based on your work history

Build your personal Skill Passport


SkyHive suggests a collection of skills that you can add to your Skill Passport based on your resume.

To get the best job and training matches add at least 40 skills.

Skills-based Job Matches

SkyHive then finds you available job opportunities in your desired location based on skills match scores.

The automated and streamlined job matching process allows you to look beyond your conventional career path while saving you time. Your Skill Passport will be the only CV you will ever need.

Find job opportunities

Save time with the automated and streamlined job matching process


Browse through the best jobs that match to your skill set

Easily apply for jobs with SkyHive or save them for later

Get an overview of common and missing skills and training options for specific jobs

Upskilling and Lifelong Learning

Based on skills gaps identified, SkyHive sources training and development options that cover the skills you need for career progression or transition. Upon completing a course, the skills taught will be added to your Skill Passport.

SkyHive helps you succeed in a 'never-ending' career advancement and lifelong learning loop, where your Skill Passport is constantly updated with training undertaken and used to pursue better employment opportunities.

Get training and development suggestions that cover the skills needed for career progression or transition

Update your Skill Passport with training undertaken and pursue better employment opportunities


Track your progress with SkyHive

Get an overview of your completed and planned training

Real-time labor Market Insights

SkyHive provides you with accurate, real-time labor market data on job growth, skills in demand, salary levels, and labor market trends and conditions.

With robust labor market intelligence, SkyHive empowers you to tailor your own career and reskilling paths to remain relevant and competitive in today's fast-changing world of work.

Get real-time labor market insights

Remain competitive in today's world of work


Get real-time information on market demand

Check how well your skill set matches a job